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Cupcake Cake

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Having a cupcake cake is very popular right now. We are going to be having one. I have found it is a nice alternative to having to cut and serve cake to all your guests. It definitely cut down the cost of our catering. Since I no longer have to pay $2.25/person to have them cut and serve my cake I am saving quite a bit. I am going to be using some of the wrappers above to add a decorative touch to our tower. I found these cupcake wrappers at Paper Orchid . They have tons of great choices. They also have stationary to match the wrappers that can be used for programs or invitations. I am going to buy a couple of packs of the wrappers and then buy some gold wrappers, at a local party supply store, and alternate them on the cupcake stand.

DIY Photo Centerpiece

I am using these for my centerpieces. I found them on Martha Stewart's website.I think they are very unique and add a personal touch to any table. You can use these, if you cannot have a slide show at your venue also. We are doing a little different variation of these centerpieces, but the concept is still the same. We are using a picture of me, a picture of him, and then a picture of us. They are all going to have a different picture in them, to add more variety for our guests.

Reception Site In Kansas City

Friday, January 25, 2008

This is where we are having our reception. After MONTHS of searching I found the perfect location. The parking is perfect and so is the location. It is a parks and recreation building so the cost is a little less then most places and they let you bring your own food if you wish. I will be posting a section on reception sites in our local area soon. I have done oodles of research that should help you gals out. Should you want the list I have compiled please feel free to email me at They even have little cabins you can rent.

DIY Rustic Wood Centerpiece

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I am a lover of nature and easy centerpieces. These are from the Pottery Barn, but you could make them yourself, for a very unique centerpiece or fun accent. You can go to your local tree service company and ask if you can have some pieces of the trees they recently cut down. They will usually let you, as they want to get rid of the scraps to make room for more. Then you can get a drill bit and drill a whole into the log and insert a tea light. I think these could be really neat in a rustic wedding.

Molla Space

I found this page today and I absolutely love the coasters, cups, bags and clocks they have on here. It is definitely worth your time to check this site out. The coasters are so whimsical and would add some color to your living room table.

Pros at Pronovias

All of these dresses can be found here. I love this designer. Do yourself a favor and check out their vintage line. The last two are my absolute favorite. If you are looking for elegance and originality, look no further!!!!

Bridal Undies

Here are some undies I really liked for any day or your special day. The top one is a Chantelle, Africa Shorty and can be found here. The middle one is a Kiki De Montparnasse, Etoile Locket Short and is a little more expensive. It can be found here. The bottom one is perfect for a wedding day. It can be found here. I really like the Kiki De Montparnasse collections. Some of them are very cute and fun and others are for crazy nights. The bridal collection will make any new bride feel sexy.

To Signature Drink or Not to Signature Drink

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Many people are trying to find ways to cut their costs. One way is to service a signature drink series. Instead of a full bar you could have keg beer, wine, champaign and a signature drink or two. If you want you can serve your guests these signature drinks during a cocktail hour. I know I am going for the cocktail hour, because we are taking pictures after the reception. This way our guests will be able to mingle with one another while they wait for the wedding party. The pictures above mostly came from here. Here is another site I found helpful for some fun recipes. Have fun coming up with a drink that represents the both of you. Maybe it can be what you were drinking when he proposed, or your favorite drink to have when you go out.

Here are some hair ideas I liked. I think there can be some good variations of these done. Most of them were found at The Knot and I like how some of them are out of your face but not all the way up. I think that look ads a lot of elegance.

Groom's Cakes

Come on girls the groom is part of this thing to. Why not surprise him with a little something of his very own at the reception? After all he has put up with all of your Bridezilla moments throughout this planning process. The cakes are meant to be fun representations of your men so have a good time with it. I liked the cupcake tower a lot. Cupcake cakes are all the rage these days. In fact I am doing one myself. There are even cool wrappers you can use to dress up the cupcakes. If you go to my Wedding Cakes section you will see the link.


I love all of these ideas. If you are trying to find a cheaper alternative for centerpieces I really like the candle approach. Let's face it, the fewer flowers you have to pay for the better. The bottom right candles are just votive holders with twigs glued to them, and sat on a leaf. This is a good idea for decorating the cake table, or guest book table. The second candle picture is off of Rachel Ray's website. It is cups, beans, a votive candle and some raffia. Another simple idea is finding some fabric to wrap around the candle holder. This will diffuse the light and make a great ambiance for your perfect evening. I really love the Shasta Daisy's in the vases with the cut limes. I really think that adds a lot of festive flavor to the decor. If you are going for a rustic look, the steel watering can is always great. I found several at Michaels at the end of the summer they were only a couple of dollars each!!!! If you get the Sunday paper they will also have a 40%-50% discount off your purchase at Michaels.

Fall Bouqet

Floressence Designs I saw their bouqets and had to put them up on here. If you aren't having a fall wedding they have tons more gorgeous options. The site lists all the flowers in the bouqets which I find very helpful. As many brides to be, don't really know the names of the flowers they love.

I am getting married in the fall to I went searching for ideas. I stumbled upon some great stuff at Loves Me He Loves Me Not. I absolutely love the candles. I am thinking about using them to line the walkway to my reception venue. The have all kinds of great stuff here.

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