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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When I started planning my wedding one of the first things I started looking at were wedding invitations and save the date sites. I searched high and low for ideas. I found many wonderful invitations that were so out of my budget. I began thinking, why not make my own. There are many things you can do when you make your own invitations. You can even emboss your own initiations and make them exactly how you want. I searched through the sites for all the embossing equipment and priced this option. Then one day I went to Party America. I found my invitations, reply cards, and both sets of envelops (100 total) for $50.00! I strongly recommend looking there for your invitations. They have a wonderful selection online, but going to the store is better because you can see them in person and sometimes they are having a sale that will help you save even more. The first invitation are close to the ones I bought and the second set I put up here because they aren't too bad and they are what I was going to make on my own, but now they are available at Party America!!! I printed them at my parents house so my invitations cost me $50.00 total. If you wanted to take them to Kinko's, it isn't too expensive to print these if you are only printing black and white. Another site I liked was Gartner Studios. They have a ton of DIY invitations and save the dates also. I will be making another post on DIY save the dates later. I found some I thought were great on another website that I would also like to share to brides on a budget like me.


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