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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My "theme" is photos. I have a rustic barn so everything is very rustic, but I also have many personal touches that include photos of us. Our centerpieces are photo frames and are shown below. I am making our guestbook have pictures on one side and then a signature page on the other. I am doing this on's website. They have many great options. To add to this "theme" I am also giving all the dad's (my dad, step dad, and fiance's dad) photo cufflinks. I have found a lot of sites with these and they are all really expensive. I am purchasing these do it yourself photo cufflinks. I think they will work out great. I will post later to let you know how easy they are to do and how quickly they come in.

I will be putting pictures in both sides. One of us with our respective parent as a child and one of us the the respective parent and older.


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